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~~ January 27,2011
Started a thread comparing grids. The idea being that the comparisons be kept as impartial as possible.

~~ January 26,2011
There's an interesting article at Ars Technica reporting how some US Senators are taking a position that the recent FCC rules are not strict enough. The Ars Technica article reports that Senator Franken said that "The recent FCC ruling on net neutrality does not do nearly enough to protect consumers, and this bill is designed to maintain a free and open Internet" Ars Technica also reports that Senator Cantwell said that "If we let telecom oligarchs control access to the Internet, consumers will lose. The actions that the FCC and Congress take now will set the ground rules for competition on the broadband Internet, impacting innovation, investment, and jobs for years to come."

~~ January 19, 2011
"One day you're the Queen of the Planet, the next you're Fuzzbutton"
Garfield, The Garfield Show

Added information about how US Copyright Act defines a Derivative Work to The Starship Fabrication Project
Added link under My Links to the Wikipedia article about Derivative Work. Citations within the article are valid.

~~ January 18, 2011
It seems that someone has some issues with me. To the point of threatening to falsely accuse me of selling copyrighted content. To address this in detail, I have started a thread in the General Discussion forum titled "Dear TexturesBy Lamplight"

~~ January 17, 2011
From http://unreasonablefaith.com/2011/01/15/data-security/


~~ January 14, 2011
Added The Starship Fabrication Project. I plan on building virtual replicas of starships from various television shows and movies. The first one is the Botany Bay. This is going to be a work in progress with updating happening as often as I can.

Oh, and before anyone starts griping about copyright, at this point, this is a fan thing. I have emailed CBS, who owns the franchise, regarding the copyrights, fair use, etc.

~~ December 22, 2010
Started a WikiLeaks thread
Added a new page, DrakkonHolde. A little something about the region Abe and I own in InWorldz.

~~ December 17, 2010
Added the Virtual Worlds forum with categories.

~~ December 16, 2010
I was going through the morning news (as is my habit) and came across an article on Boing Boing about the Electronic Frontier Foundation's new campaign, Say No to Online Censorship. Which is why there's a big No Censorship button up there. Here's the link to the Boing Boing article: http://www.boingboing.net/2010/12/16/human-rights-organiz.html. The link to EFF's article has been added to the side menu.

~~ December 15,2010
You know you are dead when you no longer learn things. Yesterday, I learned how to add pictures to this page. Today, I learned how to add My links to the top menu bar. And how to add things to the side menu, like links to interesting articles

Yep, still alive and kickin'!! :-D

~~ December 14, 2010
So, to start with. Ravin is my Real Life name. Draconia, however, is the last name I chose when I first signed up for Second Life. That was in February, 2009.

I don't spend all that much time in Second Life anymore. There'll be threads about that in the future, though. I still have an account there, but now I am in InWorldz. More future threads on that, too.


Coolness! I figured out how to add pics to my pages. Oh, and I'm on a Vista Win7 went with a dual boot machine, but no Linux. I just liked the picture :-D


Now, if I can figure out how to setup the process for people to join, then I won't have to worry about anonymous people crapping all over the place.

Just to update, join wikidot itself and you will be able to post comments and start threads. There will be no anonymous postings.

and beyond this I haven't a clue I'm starting to get a couple of things worked out about what I am doing, though all this stuff below will eventually disappear.


And this stuff below here isn't mine :)

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