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Ravin DraconiaRavin Draconia 27 Jan 2011 08:55
in discussion Virtual Worlds / Grids » Comparisons

So, I am familiar with only 2 grids, Second Life and InWorldz. I have visited OSGrid and ReactionGrid, but never stayed long enough to become familiar with them. I am presenting some information in a direct comparison format to help people decide which grids to visit. I hope that others will add similar information from other grids.

Feature Second Life InWorldz Comments
Max Prim Size 10x10x10 128x128x128 rumour has it that LL is testing megaprims on beta grid
Min Prim Size .01x.01x.01 .001x.001x.001 -
Max Prims in Linkset 256 932+ -
Max Physical in Linkset 30 ?? IW is awaiting implementation of physics engine
Max Link Distance 3 formulas 256m -
Private Island Setup Fee US$1,000 US$75 -
Private Island Monthly Tier US$295 US$75 -
Max Avatars in Region 12+ 50+ before appreciable lag, depends on scripts, etc
Sim FPS 45 53 -
Comparisons by Ravin DraconiaRavin Draconia, 27 Jan 2011 08:55
[22:49] TexturesBy Lamplight: I hope you have rights to be using the name of star trek and its ships COPYRIGHTS and TRADEMARKS. I saw the info in inworldz and i despise infringement. And you need to brush up on your secondlife information. Your blog contains lots of errors. Prim sizes, max prim linkage, link sizes and more. And for someone who says they do not like the restrictions of SL you seem to post a hell of a lot on its forumz.
[22:54] TexturesBy Lamplight: And next time you go calling my friends out and dissing em in inworldz i,ll be making the inworldz owners aware your selling trademark violating items and also LL have an email your advertising inworldz on there blog. My g/friends are not there for your enjoyment and to make fun of. Just cos you failed in sl does not mean you can diss people in inworldz. Rant over. Muted

Those are two IM's I received earlier when I popped in to Second Life. Needless to say, I was quite surprised. Now, normally I would just shrug this off but for one thing. He has threatened to accuse me of illegally selling copyrighted content. This is extremely serious, especially when that copyright is something like the Star Trek franchise. And, since he was too cowardly to allow me a fair opportunity to respond, I could only address this by taking it to Second Life's General Discussions forum.

So, here is my response as written in the GD forum:

An Attempt To Respond To Another's Issues

Well, I just received an IM from another resident who has voiced some concerns in a rather angry fashion. I would like an opportunity to respond to them, but they muted me. Since they raise issues that are important to many, I will try to address them here.
One of their issues appears to be my project building ships from Star Trek. Apparently, they believe I am infringing on the Star Trek copyright by doing so. This is a very serious matter. So, let me be clear about what I am doing. I am using the works of other fans who have themselves spent their time drawing blueprints of various ships. I have provided the appropriate link to where I found the drawings, thereby assuring proper accreditation to their work. That link is here: BLP.php My work is also as a fan. My understanding is that this then falls under the Fair Use doctrine. Furthermore. I have emailed CBS, who hold the copyrights to the Star Trek franchise. They have not yet responded. While I would like to sell my build(s) in the future, I will not do so until I know that I am not infringing on the copyrights. If CBS does not respond within a reasonable time, which is generally 30 days, I will be following up with a written letter and will be posting it via registered mail. If I still recieve no response, or if they do not give me permission, then I will not sell those builds. Whether you believe me or not, time will prove me truthful.
Another issue is that the person believes that I am dead set against SL. While I have lost confidence in LL, that does not mean that I have given up. LL/SL broke new ground. They set the goal posts for the competition. I want LL to continue leading the way. More to the spefic point, no, I do not like the limits on building in SL. Most recently, though, I have been told that changes to those limits are being tested on the Beta grid. If they have already been introduced to the Main grid, I am not aware of that. Perhaps in the future, instead of ranting on me, opening a discussion would be a more positive action. Most especially since such a discussion would be beneficial in the forums as it would make others with out-of-date information aware of those changes.
And finally, don't threaten me. If you think I dissed a friend of yours, tough. Let them speak for themselves. Don't be threatening to go to LL and other grid owners to lie about me selling copyrighted and trademarked items. I am selling only one thing in SL. That is a parcel of Mainland. On other grids I have no shops, no vendors and no inventory. I am not selling a dam thing anywhere. When I talk about any other grids, it has always been when people ask for specific information or are incorrect in what they are saying.
If anyone has a problem with what I post here, say something here. Don't IM me. If you can't say it in public, don't say it. It just makes you look like a coward. You got a problem with my blog? There's a forum there, too.

My next step was to contact one of the founders in InWorldz and to inform them of this threat. I did so as a proactive and preemptive measure to protect myself from TexturesBy Lamplight's false accusations. In that IM to the founders, I openly invited them to visit DrakkonHolde to see for themselves if I was selling any stolen content. What they will find is that I am not. In fact, I don't sell anything. Oh, and don't be thinking that I hid it or took it into my inventory. They own the servers, they can very easily search my inventory for themselves.

Now, while the threat to falsely report me is extremely serious, what is particularly angering is that he is taking stuff frorm InWorldz forums inworld into Second Life. His only complaint about my activities in SL or its forums is what he calls "advertising inworldz". If he had actually read those posts he would have seen that I was either answering specific questions posted by others or correcting misinformation. He never bothered to tell me who I dissed, or in what thread in the IW forums. The rage and mute is pure cowardice. Sending me a private IM rather than saying something in public is just more chicken shit behaviour.

Yes, Tex, I'm calling you out. Who did I disrespect? Post the link. If I did treat them with disrespect, I will apologize, to them and to you, here, on this site and in that thread. You claim my information about build limits is wrong? Why didn't you refer me to the proper SL Wiki entry so I could correct my errors? Oh, but you would rather rage on me instead. How disrespectful. Obviously you did not bother yourself to actually read what is published on this site. Published for any and all to read and comment on. If you had you would have discovered my actions regarding the use of copyrighted material. Hell, if you had done even the most basic checking you would have discovered that I don't have any content for sale, in Second Life, in Inworldz or in any other grid.

So, come one Tex, time to man up, step up to the plate, give it your best shot.

Or crawl under a rock and shut the fuck up.

Yay!…I finally was able to sign up for your page!
*sends a warm hug*

Re: Working This Out by abegravoisabegravois, 25 Dec 2010 17:50

So, here's a few thoughts on teh whole WikiLeaks stuff

  • A private, one of the lowest possible ranks to have in the US military, copied a quarter of a million documents of secret communications, to a DVD, hand wrote "Lady Gaga" on it and walked out the front gate.
  • The private gave the disc to WkiLeaks.
  • WikiLeaks announces that they have the documents and then releases a bunch relating to the Afghan War.
  • Swedish authorities issue a warrant for Assuange's arrest on sexually related charges.
  • WikiLeaks takes a break to semi-organize the documents into batches for later release.
  • Swedish authorities dropped the warrant and charges.
  • WikiLeaks begins releasing the documents once again.
  • Swedish authorities issue warrants for Assuange on sexually related charges. Again.
  • Assuange learns of British warrants and turns himself in.
  • British authorities hold him without bail while extradition proceedings are brought against him.
  • British authorities alter granted bail, with movement restrictions.
  • Many nations reporting that they are upset with the US over the WikiLeaks documents.

That's off the top of my head for now. I'll add more as I learn the timeline of Private Manning's arrest and what the US's actual responses have been.

WikiLeaks Stuff by Ravin DraconiaRavin Draconia, 22 Dec 2010 18:28

So I guess I stumbled in the back door. Thats a hoot. I have done that before :-)

Re: Working This Out by DQ Darwin (Dee)DQ Darwin (Dee), 17 Dec 2010 06:08

I took look at your profile and it shows you as a wikidot member. I enabled posting permissions to those members as well as members of here, once I figure that out.

I did it this way so as to have some ability to moderate if things get out of hand :-D

Re: Working This Out by Ravin DraconiaRavin Draconia, 15 Dec 2010 21:41

Okay this is fun, ummm not sure. lmao On the right of the page *How to Join This Site. The next page clicked Join button at the bottom. Did the username password bit for an account and here I am.

To me it seems without an account one can read but not post. :-)

Re: Working This Out by DQ Darwin (Dee)DQ Darwin (Dee), 15 Dec 2010 21:05

I figured out how to add links to the menu bar

Re: Working This Out by Ravin DraconiaRavin Draconia, 15 Dec 2010 18:12

Thanks :-)

Um, how did you join? *scritching her head* I couldn't figure out how to add a Join button. Unless you joined wikidot itself :-)

Re: Working This Out by Ravin DraconiaRavin Draconia, 15 Dec 2010 17:45

Hey keep at it, I joined and the more you do here the more fun you'll have. Good Luck.

Re: Working This Out by DQ Darwin (Dee)DQ Darwin (Dee), 15 Dec 2010 17:34

So, here I am, writing the first post in the first thread for this site.
And its not easy. I thought ti would be a simple matter of just plugging things in, moving them around, adding a line or two here and there. Not so. There's a particular syntax and all to be learned.
Anyway, here we are, about an hour after creating my account. Its a bit late, The Deep is on and I have a very busy day tomorrow.
Feel free to comment, start a thread, have fun.

Working This Out by Ravin DraconiaRavin Draconia, 15 Dec 2010 05:40
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